Culverhouse DEI Women's Leadership Initiative

 This initiative involves a collection of efforts designed to bolster and support the presence and success of female students and professionals, focusing on supporting the development of pre-college and college women who are interested in or are majoring in business, with an emphasis on leadership development and functional areas where women are underrepresented. It is a key part of the Culverhouse DEI Model.

Women in Business Conference

On March 22, 2024, we will host an event designed for alumnae and professional women to inspire, support and help develop female students in business, with networking and enriching sessions.  This effort builds on our Women’s History DEI Speaker Series, utilizing the input and skills of some of those participants, along with other alumnae. Starting with the organizers, volunteers, and then attendees, the Culverhouse Alumnae Network (CAN) is being formed to promote ongoing networking among female professionals with a connection to Culverhouse, to support Culverhouse generally, and to specifically to help in developmental initiatives related to female students and younger graduates. 

Multi ethnic ladies present information at conference

Minerva Young Women’s Summer Program

An academic camp for high school women to encourage and develop their leadership skills and expose them to business as a major and career path, with an emphasis on areas where women are underrepresented, including leadership. This builds on the Diversity in Business Bridge Program. The Minerva Program will be held June 12th to 18th, 2022.

Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program

For matriculating female Culverhouse students, utilizing cascading mentorship to support academic success, professional development, and career preparation, with an emphasis on leadership.

two students sitting outside on steps